Blogger tip. Adding a blog button to your sidebar.

Friday, December 05, 2008

When on your blog's homepage, click "customize" in the top right corner, or when you first log in, click "layout". Both of these options will take you here, where you can add and edit the elements of your page.

This photo is of this blog, which has a 3 column template. If your blog has a 2 column template, you will see one sidebar, on either the left or right. This layout represents your blog page, so you will the the "follow me" on the top right, followed by "my designs", just as is appears on my page.

Click "add a gadget" at the top of the sidebar and this list will pop up. There are several options. To add a site button, playlist, or any other code, scroll down and click on "HTML/Java".

This window will pop up. You do not have to enter a title, but can if you would like.

You will copy the code, and paste the code in the box. It's that easy. Then click save, and you will have the button of your choice in your sidebar.

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