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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Many of you may know that up until now, I offered a variety of blog packages. I would get so many emails from people so confused about what to order. And guess what? Even I didn't have my packages straight. Not great considering that I do this all day long.

To make things easier, I am now offering the standard and deluxe packages. The standard (formerly the basic) and the deluxe (formerly the standard) are great blogs on their own, and are also great starting off points to a more "bells and whistles" type of blog.

Previously, the grand (for example) gave you up to 10 sidebar embellishments. But what if you just want 3 titles and 2 framed photos? Or what if you wanted a nav bar but not a blog button? My packages did not really allow you to create what would be ideal for you. Becuase this is such a personal business, involving working one on one with me to create something important for you, I want everyone to get exactly what they want.

So now, all my extras are purchased a la carte, and they are available for any packages that I offer. If you just want one sidebar photo framed, you've got it. If you want a blog button and 6 sidebar titles, they're all yours. I think that in the end this will make this experience much easier for everyone. :)

And if you are interested in my blog websites, don't you worry. I will still be offering those.

So what do you think? I was thinking of still offering a package with "the works" but love the whole "build a blog" idea. Sorry for all the parenthesis and quotes.

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  1. Very nice, it's important that you understand your system lol


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