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Monday, August 17, 2009

It's no secret that I like to change my look every so often every few weeks. So, I am pretty sure that it doesn't come as a surprise to anyone when I tell you that I have been completely over the blue/green design for a little while now. For anyone new to tdg, I am talking about this one:

I love this layout, and the functionality of the site {I think} but it's time to revamp things just a little bit. I had the perfect color scheme in mind. Sadly, someone else beat me to it, so it's time to start over. This is not the first time I have had a great idea, waited too long to execute it, and then saw it someplace else.

Lesson learned.

This is where you come in. Read this post, give me some feedback, and your name will be entered to win a prize. Something design related {hint, hint!}. But I need your help with the following.

1. Layout/functionality.
Tell me. What do you think of this new layout? I am referring to the navigation, main menu, order page. Would you say that my site is user friendly/easy to navigate? It is my goal to make placing an order with me as easy as possible, so if you feel that there is something that I can do to improve on this, I'd love to hear it.

2. Design/colors
Do we like this design? And do you have any ideas for a new color scheme? I am ok with this color scheme, but I am not committed to it. I do love that it feels like fall.

I could try something lighter and brighter...
{you can view a sample of this design by clicking here}

A little muted {and chic}...

I had initially planned on something bright...

I'd like something chic, simple, and classy. I have learned that I need something simple. I get sick of anything else far too quickly, and I think that it's ok to have a simple site when you showcase new designs every day. And yes, this means my "blog" page will not match the others for a little while.

My sincere apologies.

I am over the circle header, and while I wanted to keep my current look because of my giveaway buttons, I may just have to do away with it a bit sooner than planned.

Stay tuned for giveaway #2. I'll get it up as soon as I can.

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  1. 1. Layout is perfect, truly, it couldn't be more user friendly to my mind.
    2. Design/color: truthfully for me, it's a bit too plain and simple. The header on this page seems very small, I like a header that really catches my eye. I personally love the way you keep changing the look. It's really good to see a designer showcase her work in that way. And um, you are heading up to 100,000 hits! That's fantastic! xxxx

  2. I like the layout, clean and user friendly.
    There needs to be more colour/design for this particular version. It's nice to see variations on your design, keeps it intersting that way. Maybe adding an orange/brown background would be good?

  3. I think the layout is great.. very easy to navigate.

    Personally I don't like the color scheme.. I am more of a bright colored girl.. so I like pinks, greens, oranges, yellows? All of your designs are sooo cute but maybe try one in like BRIGHT colors just once :)

    I do like the design I think its cute.. maybe you could add a monogram or something??

    I'm not saying I dislike what you design because I always LOVE IT!!!! But... this is just based on me :)

  4. I love the layout! It's easy to navigate and easy on the eye. I like the design, but maybe some perkier colors? what about aqua and brown? I like Lea Liz's idea about a monogram...I kinda miss the drink sipping girl too...

  5. 1. I love your blog. I have sent friend to you and they have said your site is easy to navigate.. I wouldn't have sent them if I felt I would have to talk them trhough it. :o)

    2. I LOVE the design and colors in the first one "lighter and brighter"!! You are awesome in what you do!! :o)

  6. It's user friendly to me :) I like the new design! And as far as a color scheme.. I love teal, orange, and white.

  7. I actually love the colors...I think you have a really good eye for color. And I like that you're always changing the layout. I like brown and teal too.

  8. girl, everything you do looks good!! I like the top color scheme..baby blue, pink & green! Also, I LOVE the fall colors as I am SO ready for fall!!

  9. I think the layout is perfect! Easy to navigate. I actually like the color scheme. Perfect for fall which is right around the corner.

  10. Personally the layout looks grt, classy, simple and extremely user friendly, but it hink header is little small, personally i loved your baby pink, and ligh blue header, is bright and colorful and very eye catchy :)

  11. Your blog is very user friendly, I have always liked that. The header is a bit small, but this is just my opinion. I am not loving the colors but then I am a more pastel muted girl...My choice would be the blue, green and pink. And I think I change my blog about as much or more than you do ;-)

  12. I love your blog design...in fact when I visited your blog/website, I thought I would love a design like this. It is very easy to navigate in and out of your site and the design is very visually appealing and welcoming. I do like it better than your previous blue design. As you mentioned, "it feels like fall" :-)

  13. I love the new layout it looks easy to navigate. I love the blue green and pink color scheme the colors look pretty together. I love changing up my blog background it's just fun to do!!!

  14. I really like the layout... super easy! I personally like the last color combination.

  15. I really enjoy the layout of your blog, it is easy to look through. I follow some blogs and I'm starting to wonder why?! They hurt my eyes!

    I'm not a fan of the orange personally. I really like the first colour option you added. I'm sure it would look awesome! :o)

  16. I actually love the colors! I think it definitely says "fall" and is chic. I don't like the circle header either... too small. I like the headers to be big and broad, setting the tone for the blog. My only thing is that I'm not really a fan of the bird... but everything else is perfect. The layout is GREAT, easy to navigate too. :)

  17. I love the last header best but all the color combos are great. I am not a huge fan of orange though

  18. I really like the new layout! It's very fall but with just a squeak of pink! I also like the first header, but maybe save that color scheme for spring.

  19. I think the buttons you have here are really easy to find and use; however,it might be good to have a quick link to your pre-mades instead of having to go click through to find it.

    Since you seem to really like using the bird,what if you made sort of a 3Dish header using the bird but made him(or her!)pop out a little more?

    Really,whatever you did is fine because I just like your blog however it is(and lets face it,it is your blog!) :)


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