Blogger Tip. Adding ShareThis to your blog posts.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

After posting about adding LinkWithin, I received a request to explain how to add ShareThis to your blog posts. I had never done this before, and just visited the ShareThis site and had everything on my blog in about 2 minutes {which includes the time to create an account}. It was pretty simple, so hopefully my tutorial will help.

1. Visit ShareThis and choose the style button you would like.

2. Choose your platform {Blogger WordPress, etc...}

3. Enter your info to create an account.

4. Make sure you are logged into your blog account and click "add to blogger" or to whatever platform you are using.

5. Select the blog, and click add.

That's it! Hope that helps!

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  1. PS- If you can help...You can email me at Sorry forgot to include that in my first comment.

  2. OK, so I got to #3 and then after I entered my account info it gave me a page that just had code to copy and paste... but I don't know where to paste it into my layout page?? I didn't get a "add to blogger" thing...I'm logged in. Any help?

  3. You should just click add widget. That is what I did, and it automatically added it for me.


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