Share your bad date.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad dates. They aren't fun, but chances are that most of us have faced at least one {if not more}. The one positive about bad dates is that in the end, you have a funny story to share. And who doesn't love a bad date story? I know I do.

If you want to get a good laugh and maybe share one of your stories, please check out this blog. And if you share your story, be sure to leave a comment. I am going to select someone at random in a week to win a fabulous prize.

I can't wait to read all your stories!

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  1. What a fun concept for a blog. I have one really funny story. Well maybe it was funnier experiencing than explaining it but my friends did laugh pretty hard at the many crazy details. LOL.

    I checked out the blog but it looks like there are just 2 entries and the posts are from 2009. Do you know if this blog is still active?


  2. It is DEFINITELY still active. A new post just went up!

  3. Good to hear. I think I'll also do a post so others can check it out and submit their bad dates too. I always find them funny. An acquaintance just told me about a guy who broke up with her by giving her a DVD about breakups. Sad.

    Thanks for popping over too and leaving a comment about your real age. :)

  4. What I fun idea. I actually just emailed you a story. Enjoy!

  5. That blog was so funny! I cannot believe the guy in the jumpsuit! haha I don't think I have any horrible dating stories. I didn't really go on a whole lot of dates. Sad, I know. lol But, anywho LOVED the blog!


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