Should I keep the bird??

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Quick update: The design you are looking at now is not the final design! The final one is a bit lighter, and I am definitely not using this flower. I am still thinking about it. Anyway, you are all giving me some great ideas! Thank you!!!

If you've been following my blog, you know that I am working on the design for my new website!! This design has evolved so much over the past month, and I really like where it is going.

My reason for this post is that I usually have a little something next to "The Design Girl" {where I have the flower up top, right now}. So I have two questions for you.

The home page can say "The Design Girl" or "The Design Girl Studio". What do you think sounds better? I'm loving the studio.

Also, I have been using a bird {in my design} for the longest time, but since it seems that everyone is using birds, I feel like I should move on. I thought about using a little cat or pup, or maybe something design related? I really don't know what to do!

I will tell you that my colors will be blue and green with a hint of brown or gray. I have tried every color combo under the sun, and keep going back to blue and green. So very, very me. Anyway, I would love to hear your feedback! If you have a suggestion for something I can use other than a little animal, I'd love to hear it!

I may give a little prize to one commenter, too. ;)

One last thing. I so enjoyed reading all the crazy nicknames that you call your pets! Thanks so much for sharing!

Hope you're all having a great week! Can you believe it's APRIL?!

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  1. Love your colors choices, and love the flower that's there, instead of a bird, but i think a dog or cat would be cute too.
    And the other thing is i like "The design girl" but i am sure whatever you do will be great!
    Happy April!!!

  2. 2 suggestions:
    1. a little fleur de lis (dunno why, i just think it's classy and would go well voerall)
    2. A muse (

    okay, and one more, just because I like them, ( )

  3. I love the addition of studio. As far as the bird, I agree that everyone is doing them. My family calls me Birdie, otherwise I wouldn't have one. A dog or cat would be cute. Some other ideas: horse shoe, heart, vining leaves, butterfly, high heel, camera, tree, sun, etc, etc. Whatever you come up with will be adorable!

  4. definitely keep the word Studio. I love it! And I would love to see a cute little cat or pup in place of a bird. It says something about you and would be unique.

  5. How about a bee or dragonfly? (Oh, girl - don't make me rethink the bird thing!!!) (:

  6. Personally, I'm kind of digging the little flower! I agree with you that adding the "studio" to the title adds a certain professional flair. Definitely stick with it. Colors are gorgeous!!

  7. I vote for "The Design Girl Studio". I love it!

  8. I also loved reading the nicknames of our furry friends.
    I like The Design Girl Studio as far as the bird it is ok with me but it is you that have to love it. JMO
    Love & Hugs,

  9. Hmm, I love the color combo and I think a pup would be cute. But on the other hand cats are very graceful looking. Not sure.

  10. i cant believe it's april. and pick mine so i can have a prixe :] haha! BUT i think you should use studio for SURE! and definately pup if not a bird.. but if you do something design related do something fun with a paisley. maybe you can get "the design girl studio" mixed around into the design of the paisley! that'd be super cute!

  11. I think studio implies that you work and create, which sends a good message. I like it.

    As for the bird, I lean either way. Birds and especially owls, seem to be everywhere these days.

    Live like you wanna live.

  12. You should incorporate a skyscraper into your design! Big city always looks super profesional and I just know you could make it look great!!

  13. 1. I love the studio as well. I think it sounds like a great space to come and find inspiration! I think you should keep it.
    2. I think you could totally keep the bird if you like the bird. You have had it for a while, and they are a classy little animal. You also love cats... so if you switched, you could probably find a sassy little cat icon... as for a non animal icon, you could do a paint pallet or a paint brush, or a computer mouse... but I really like the idea of a little animal... perhaps the kitty lounging on the words... endless possibilities!

  14. I like it with Studio. I love birds on anything, but I can completely understand what you are saying. How about a dandelion or another type of flower maybe.

  15. Hi Danielle! Definitely keep Studio in your blog title - it is SO classy! I really like your bird, but I agree that it is kind of a fad now. I think your little flower looks a little too plain though! Maybe a silhouette of a cat - but not a Halloween looking cat! Whatever you come up with will be fabulous!

  16. like studio.
    and birds are cool.
    be your own person and do what feels good to you and don't worry about what your neighbor is doing.
    dance to your own song, girl!!
    love the colors.soooooo sooooooothing.

  17. Colors are great. Studio=yes. Bird=no. Something design related=yes. Or the girl as a logo would be good. Hello Design GIRL ;)

  18. I like Studio.
    Don't like the flower. Doesn't "feel" like you to me.
    Perhaps a camera or something computer-related/ techy. I love birds and dogs and think any of those define you more than that much-too-simplistic flower.

    Don't you just love my opinions.

    Hey- you asked. Ha!

  19. I would keep Studio for sure. I'm a fan of birds but would love any animal in it's place. The color combo is great!!

  20. Yes! Keep "Studio" in the title!
    and, I *do* love the little bird (and, the little flower, too - for that matter)... but, I understand what you're saying about birds being everywhere!
    a pup is cute!!!

    other ideas:
    - dragonfly (or butterfly)
    - owl
    - fawn
    - silhouette (like this:

  21. I love the word studio after it. Sounds very chic and big city quite apropos for your move to Chi town. :-)

    I think a fleur de lis would look nice. But I also liked the bird.

    Make sure you like it. That's the important part! :)

  22. The Design Girl Studio... studio sets you apart (I googled and found 2 other design girls). Plus, your creativity could fill every inch of a studio!

    I am not a bird fan. They poop white.

  23. like Studio
    love the bird - and it's different than all the other birds out there.

    If not a bird, how about a short, narrow swag of ribbon that looks like it's billowing in the wind? Dunno where that idea came from, but I kinda like it. It would look like you're BUSY and movin' and groovin'

  24. "studio" makes it sound more chic. keep it. :)
    love the colors of course...they're my two favorites.

    I liked the bird. :( You've had it forever. But you're right, everyone's got one now. What about another type of flower with a stem on it?

  25. Hey Danielle!! its been awhile!!! was checking in as my husband's niece just got married and started a blog so I'm thinking about getting her a blog makeover. Your whole website has changed and looks awesome. My thoughts are yeah you need something else up there, but not sure a living noun how about an object such as an art table, or computer desk with a "girl" working at it but you can only see the back of her?? Not sure how it would work but was wondering if you put a thin orange zig zag line in between the thicker blue lines???? I think blue and white are you!!! and the orange studio could be changed to a color to coordinate with the seasons???


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