Tacky Tuesday

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am in no way trying to be mean, but I had to share the photos I {discreetly} took at the flea market on Sunday. I'm thinking that no one {let alone a man} should run around looking like this.

Is it me, or would you only see someone dressed like this in LA?


I am heading someplace for the next two days. Needed a little getaway. I'll be back to work on Thursday. Ok, ok -- I will be doing a little work while I'm gone. Taking a road trip and plan on working on the drive up. There is no stopping me ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I have that same outfit in blue. No, no I don't. That is too funny though

  2. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Someone should let his poor soul know that's against the law!

  3. Is that Richard Simmons? LOL... That looks terrible. I just can't see how anyone can go out in public like that.

  4. Doesn't he know that is a women's tank top?? But yeah, I am thinking he probably doesn't :)

  5. omg - i love you and you made my day! it is like the wal-mart photos..you saw those? LOL!!!!!!

  6. omg this post just made my night lol....so like the walmart photos!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment was so sweet and it does seem that we share a love for dressing up are little girls :0)

    You have a super cute bloggy blog yourself!
    Can't wait to read more

    Summer :0)


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