Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes, you read this post title right. Last weekend, I went to pre-prom. Not my pre-prom, of course.My prom was 10 years ago. I am much too old for such things. I went to my baby sister's pre-prom. For those of you that do not know what pre-prom is {a few people asked} it is when all the kids that are going to prom together meet at someone's house to take photos. Parents/family come, take pics, and see everyone in their fancy attire.

S, with her 2 best friends.

Some of the girls.

They enjoy making these weird faces. S wasn't feeling it.

Nostalgic big sisters. I was so tired that day!

Do you see {part of} the guy with purple hair {on the right}? That's LA for you.

The girls.

I wore a salmon colored dress to my prom. It was absolutely horrific. I think my sister's dress is great! It is definitely greener in photos, but photographed really well. I wonder what she'll think of these in 10 years!

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  1. she's lovely!
    crazy how much prom styles change over the years huh?

    and not a lot of updo's anymore!

  2. Wow styles have changed and hair too. I think every girl at my prom had some horrible (cool at the time) up do.

  3. Prom! It seems like many moons ago now even if it was just 10 years!! Crazy!:) Time flies, doesn't it? I remember my prom was like an entire day of primping. I had to get an updo, nails done, tanning, etc. and then I had to have a big poofy cinderella dress. I remember it being so super important to me to have a seperate dress for each prom too-my parents must have been so annoyed with me and my high maintenance self. Looks like kids these days are having fun not having to worry about updos, nails, tanning, blah:)

  4. Aah.. yes. Prom. I was the "official photographer" at my lil sis' pre-pom last month.

    And, you know what's crazy? I never went to my prom (Junior or Senior year)... I don't know why, I just didn't want to go. Maybe I'll regret that some day -- but, as of now - I'm fine with it.

  5. I wore my hair down! I honestly didn't care about going to my prom. My friends made me go. I think it was a little overrated, but one of those experiences that I guess are worth going through. After prom was really fun!


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