Winner and some big news! Well, it's big to me!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The winner of the Brooklyn Thread giveaway is...The Zhush! Congrats! Contact me and I will put you in touch with Joanna!

A special thanks to Joanna for the fabulous giveaway, for my sister's peace sign bracelet & my gorgeous earrings! We love them! If you are looking for some fantastic jewelry for yourself or for a gift, be sure to stop by Brooklyn Thread!


And my big news? Here it goes. If you have known me the past year, you are probably used to seeing me like this.

That's me on the right with my little sister on the left. What's that? You say I don't possibly look like I could be 3.5 years older than my baby sister? Why, thank you!

Anyway! Next week, I will look a little more like this:

No plans to go under the knife and I'll still be my pasty self, but there will be some scissors involved. I am planning on cutting off all of my hair. Let's hope I love it and that I do not spend the following weekend crying in bed. That would be horrible. And if I don't love it, the chances that I'll share a photo are pretty slim.

Here's the part where you tell me how much better I'll look with short hair. Or you can tell me about the time you cut all your hair off and loved it. Any of those stories will do.

Not going to lie. I am terrified!

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  1. I LOVE short hair on women! Its so flattering and down right sexy on almost all face shapes. I've had my short do for almost four years now and I will never go back. In fact, I'm continually going shorter. I've explored it all, the natalie portman, katie holmes, pink, and kiera knightly to name a few. My favorite at the moment is the faux hawk look-left a little longer on top so I can still have a swoopy bang when I need to go a bit more formal.
    Good luck!

    Kelly @

  2. New chapter in your life, new haircut. Very common for us women to cut our hair when we start anew.

    I love the haircut. It can be VERY shocking when you cut off all of your hair, I've done it a few times. Just be prepared to maybe not like it at first. I always have to adjust to it for a few days.

    One thing---I'd ask to have it cut short first but long enough to pull back first. Then gradually go shorter. It's easier that way to make sure it's what you want.

    Regardless, you'll look fantastic. I just know how hard it is for you to make a decision like this so go slowly!!!

  3. I love short hair and you seem to have a nice face shape for it. My face is super round and I have a 1.8" tall forehead (no joke, my husband measured it) so I can't pull off short 'dos. When that movie Sliding Doors came out in 1997 or 1998, I wanted Gwyneth's haircut so badly! You will look beautiful!

  4. you are so brave and you are going to look fantastic! You can so rock this look and I am so jealous because I want to too but don't have the bravery to do so.
    ps-i will be contacting you soon for my site. when do you move?

  5. I've just spent three years growing my hair out and one look at that Katie Holmes picture makes me want to go get it cut again, lol

    Seriously you will look great with that hair. Your face is slim, so you can totes pull it off!!!

  6. I think a change is good and if you have never had short hair, it will take you a minute to accept your new do. I would cut my hair that short in a minute but I have a thick mane and it would not lay flat like that. I would be a mushroom head. LOL

  7. So excited to see the new look! It is such a great feeling to do something so different! You should look into donating your hair to locks of love.

  8. That's exciting! I love short hair and I've been a short hair girl for a long time now. I've wanted to go that short. But I'm scared too. Maybe if you do it, I might be inspired to do it too!

  9. So cool! I love that haircut!

  10. You WILL love it! It WILL looks great and you WILL wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

  11. I went from REALLY long hair to just above the shoulder hair. I really liked it! Most people said not to cut it, but then they ended up loving it. I'm letting it grow back out (that was my plan all along), but now I know I like it short, too.

  12. I recently got my hair cut a short, not as short as you are going. For me though it was drastic. I loved the change, and I don't think I'm going to let it grow out. My next hair cut though I might even go a little shorter than before.

  13. Wow!!! Do It!!! You will love the change, Please keep us updated!!

  14. Don't be terrified! For the last several years, I've grown my hair really long and then get it chopped short to give it to Locks of Love. The change feels AMAZING!

    I really hope you like it! I think that the style is going to look great on you!

  15. I went short this spring and I do love it! You will too!

  16. I love that cut, can't wait to see the after photos! I'd love to have short hair but unfortunatly it doesn't look good on me. Good luck!!

  17. oh my goodness, i thought you were going to say that you were pregnant or were going to give birth to a baby haha!! i bet the short hair will look GREAT on you!!


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