I love Andersonville.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The past 3 days have been wonderful, tiring, and L.O.N.G. I am so painfully tired. I had this whole plan to work out each day, but after walking miles and miles and lugging bar stools & carts full of food all over the city I am done. I just need to lay on my non existent sofa and watch some Rachel Zoe {& last week's Entourage}.

Cannot wait until the sofa comes on Thursday. Not having a place to sit makes you realize how nice having a place to sit can be. So take a moment to appreciate your sofa and/or desk chair.

This morning I headed to Andersonville with my mom. We went to Scout, The White Attic, and Brimfield where I found some amazing pieces!


Top right: My new industrial bar stools from Brimfield. Exactly what I wanted & they are actually comfortable! The shop owner said she can make cushions for them for just $25 a piece. Planning on finding some cute fabric so I can have that done.

Middle right: Mason jars from Scout. Just $2 each! Love, love, love them! It took so much self control to just purchase 6 {and a 7th for my sis}.

Bottom left: End table from Scout. So reasonably priced and perfect for my small space. I love it!

Bottom right: My gorgeous new dresser for my entry hall from The White Attic. Thanks, mom! It is stunning in person! The best part about this dresser is that the inside of the drawers are robin's egg blue. You can see a photo of the blue drawers {middle left}.

My cable has been set up so I am off to watch The Rachel Zoe Project and last Sunday's Entourage! I will be on a pillow on the floor. Thursday cannot come soon enough. I want my sofa!

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  1. oh my word. I want all of this. totally my kinda style ;)

    and, yes... Rachel Zoe - I clonked out on the couch the other day and watched way too many hours of her show... oh well.....


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