The magic of blogging {& the day I met Gussy}

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last weekend, I saw a tweet from Gussy/Maggie. She was in Chicago, so I suggested that we meet up. Thanks to the magic of our little online world, we were able to direct message our #s to each other on Twitter, and text to make some plans.

And today...I made it to Gussy's blog. Look at me. Or actually...look at us!

Is it just me, or does my hair look a bit like a helmet here? This was the photo that Gussy preferred & she assured me that it did not feel helmet{ish}. I'm going to trust her.

I have met and become pretty good friends with many bloggers over the past few years. Here is a list of the bloggers I've met.

Have you met any bloggers or considered arranging a local meet up in your area? Have you become good friends with anyone through blogging? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. That is so sweet...The whole blogging world is amazing:)


  2. I met her!!! At TCC! I also met Lindsey and The Pleated Poppy, Jamie from City Chic Country Mouse, Lisa Lenard from Lisa Lenard Designs, Meliss from two little tots, Allora Handmade, Jenna Lou and a few more. I need to be better at names.

  3. ADORABLE!!!! (Loving the J.Crew shirt BTW...sad that I know that right!)

    I am sooo glad that we met!!! And still get to see each other!

  4. oh... how FUN!!! nooooo sadly... though I have one friend in GA but we're both so busy that fb/ and blogging is just about how we communicate. I'd love to visit and meet her in real life. that is so cool- well guessing all those people are such cool bloggers and its no wonder that you click irl !
    ps. your hair rocks!

  5. helmet hair, phelmet hair. pssshh. it's so cute :]

    i can't think right now, but i know i've met many bloggers ~ conferences are great for those things.

    now, how many people have i met "on a whim" like we did? not many :]

  6. Your hair looks great! I'm hoping to meet you and Taylor soon and that'd be my Meet a Blogger in Real Life Cherry, if you will! =)

  7. Thats soooo fun Danielle! I hope one day we meet and you get to show me around your city :))

    And NO! Your hair does NOT look like a helmet! I simply LOVE it. I was actually just telling my friends today that I wanted to cut my hair (but NOT before Senior year is over--i hate that kind of attention)...but maybe right before I move to Chicago I'll do something crazzyy with my hair! But not THAT short!

  8. That is a cute picture of the two of you! No, your hair doesn't look like a helmet! :) I have met online friends before, but not through blogging. I have talked on the phone to blogging friends. That is fun to put a voice with words !! :)

  9. danielle! how fun! someday i hope to meet YOU :)

  10. So fun! I have yet to meet any bloggers... However I have found a blogger that I knew before blogging. We went to college together! Small world!

    Love your new hair!

  11. So cool!! I haven't met any bloggers :( but I would love to!!

  12. Oh, how jealous am I?! I would have loved to have been able to pull up a chair at y'all's table!! :)

    D - I love your hair. It does NOT look like a helmet and you've inspired me to go short with mine (again).

    The both of you are awesome. Blogging is a wonderful outlet...and such a great way to meet new people either in person or online.

  13. yay! I'm on the list+your hair is super cute. I don't see a helmet

  14. I love your hair in the pic!

  15. I love your hair, I think it is very cute! :)

  16. Your hair looks really cute! Thanks for including me on the list of bloggers you've met, even though I haven't been blogging. I thought about yesterday. Does that count???

  17. I miss you :(

    But I'm glad you are making new friends and loving Chicago!

  18. Aww...I miss you too, Kate. And no Jill. THINKING about blogging does not count. :) Come back!


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