Pardon the mess while I redecorate.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I have been attempting to come up with a new look for my site all while working on blogs for my amazing clients. I am feeling a little stuck with the color scheme & design. I definitely want to keep it simple like it is now. I used to have a chevron print on the sides but was feeling that I should go with something a bit more traditional.

But the color scheme. I am usually drawn to grays & blues, but would love to do something fun for fall. Maybe a darker gray? I have to focus on my clients right now & really should get going on a new scrapbook kit, so I sort of stopped mid-redesign. So sorry.

Please be patient while I redecorate & excuse the mess!

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  1. I really like your colours...but darker gray will look amazing too:)

  2. I think a darker gray would look awesome, and maybe a tad hunter green/deep purple/orange for a fall look? :)

  3. How about a deep khaki/grey with rust orange for fall? I know whatever you design will be AMAZING!!

    Oh - and Kelly's Korner looks fabulous for fall - great job!

  4. I love your layout as is! I do love GREY!

  5. I like this color scheme... could always add a little navy and rust color for fall? Jewel tones feel like October and November.

  6. I think the purple/gray works. I plan on sticking with it for a while. Thank you all for the suggestions. You're the best!



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