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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pre-made winner has been announced on my Facebook Fan Page. Please become a fan of my Facebook page for updates on sales and giveaways!

Willow Smith is 9 years old. She has sported some pretty wild outfits {and hairstyles} for a 9 year old, but you have to give the girl credit for having a sense of style. And the kid can sing. She's kind of amazing. Not bad for a 4th grader.

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I'm sure I won't be the first to say this, but she reminds me of Rihanna.
Except she's 9. And in the 4th grade.

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  1. I saw this on TV the other day for the first time. You are right, she is like a little bitty Rihanna! She comes from a talented family, so no shock there. Kinda makes me wish I was that creative in 4th grade. :)

  2. That is one styling 9 year old. Congrats to the winner!

  3. Ohh she is such a little stylish cutie:)
    Have a great day,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a $50 gift certificate GIVEAWAY later on today, so please join in :) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  4. I guess musically and style wise she and Rihanna have that whole Rock Star thing in common but that's about it. She is super talented and when I saw her cry on 106 & Park the other day, it just reminded me that not all stars are so far gone. I hope that she continues to be moved by the smallest and simplest acts of kindness. It will certainly keep her grounded and allow her to connect on a more personal level with her fans. Will and Jada have done an amazing job with all of their kids!!


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