Find the right jeans shape for you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

At they have a fantastic range of jeans in their G-star section. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and boot cut jeans are just a few examples. But what is the best style and shape for you?
Skinny jeans are more suitable for people who are slim or have an hourglass figure. These body shapes will be complemented by the extension of your already long legs. However, that doesn’t mean that apple shaped, pear shaped and round shaped women should try and avoid them. If you do find a pair that looks good, then do not hesitate to buy them, but perhaps wear them with heels to give you a bit of length.

Flared jeans are generally a good look for most body shapes. Apple shaped women will find that a slight flare will balance out their larger top half, making you look less top heavy. The same applies for rounder shapes, but avoid really large flares as this could make you look even rounder. Perhaps bootcut is the best option for this body shape. Finally Pear shapes looks good with most styles, so the flare is yet again a safe option.

Straight-legged jeans often get confused with skinny jeans, but they are quite different. Straight-legged jeans are less figure hugging than skinny jeans and do not go in at the bottom. They are exactly what they say on the tin; straight up and straight and down. This style of jeans should be avoided by pear shaped women but should be embraced by fuller body shapes.

This is just a guide. The journey of finding the right style for you is a trial and error procedure. Go to and have a look at a wide range and try them all out. You will probably be surprised what suits you and what does not. Have fun!
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  1. SO glad you posted this because going jean shopping this weekend!!!!


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