Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some of you may know that on top of this design blog, I have a personal blog - Breakfast at Toast. On occasion, I will take posts from that blog and share them here as well {for anyone who doesn't check that one}. Because I spent years dreaming in a place with seasons, this is one of those posts. Enjoy!
Snowflakes began to fall as I went to sleep on Monday night & on Tuesday morning, I woke up to a very snowy Chicago. I grabbed my camera when I took the pup out to capture him in his layers & snow boots. He already needs to lose 2 lbs but when he wears his fleece and coat he looks so fat. It's the layers!

Buddy has plans to lose 2 lbs come spring.
Once it warms up we will be going on lots of long walks.

These trees remind me of Christmas.

See the falling snow?

Really glad I decided to treat my Uggs before wearing them in the snow.
My feet would have been so cold & wet.

There's a little snow on your chin, B.

I took the photos {below} on my iPhone after my first snow in Chicago {early December 2010} but never shared them. I think they turned out pretty well for iPhone photos.

Skating rink in Millennium park. Can't wait to go skating!

Have you gotten any snow this week?

This cold weather makes me want a nonfat cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks! Yum.

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  1. Beautiful snow covered photos! It's looking similar here in NYC.

  2. Love your little dog's boots ... so cute !

  3. Awww love it this reminded me so much of my times in the city and brought a smile to my face thanks!

  4. i'm sorry- but are those SHOES on your dog? i'm dying. that's the cutest damn thing i've seen in while... :)

  5. Your doggie looks just like mine - which is a little 12 (well, 15 in the winter) rat terrier mix. Being an LA transplant now in the midwest, she originally hated the snow, but is getting used to it. I need to get her some of those shoes, though!


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