Monday, February 28, 2011

This is Bailey.
She is the sweetest little 11 week old beagle pup.
 Was shocked when she sat still for this photo. I think she's looking at a treat.

I want a puppy. Although, I really want a 1-2 year old dog.
A french bulldog {a rescue, of course}.
I'd like a best friend for this little man below.
My little rescue pup.

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  1. Bailey is so cute! I love Beagle puppies.

  2. way too cute! my sis just had Chihuahua puppies..well she didn't..her dogs did! haha

  3. What a sweet face... but you can see that beagle energy in his eyes!

  4. Just aww! Who could deny such sweetness (besides me because I moved across the globe!)


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