Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A bedroom should be a sanctuary. I am in the process of redoing my bedroom and am excited to see the progress coming along. I have an upholstered headboard that I have sort of reupholstered myself. I bought some fabric and wrapped it around the headboard. I need to clean it up a little bit.

I sold my dresser and moved the dresser from my living room to my bedroom. This dresser started in my entry, moved to my living room and is now in my bedroom. I love having it in there. I also purchased a beautiful vintage bar cart at the Randolph Street Market.

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In a perfect world, I would love to purchase a tufted or nail head {or a tufted + nail head} upholstered headboard. But -- I am determined to make this one work.

I have always loved upholstered beds. I think they are so lovely, clean and chic. What do you think? I currently have an upholstered headboard but think a complete bed would be lovely. While I have always had a dust ruffle, it might be nice to mix things up.

And speaking of beds, do you have a guest room? If not, where do your guests sleep? My sofa is far too small for anyone to sleep on. I think purchasing something like this would be great.  But in my tiny apartment, I am not sure I'd have a place to put it.

What kind of bed to you have? Is there a bed that you really love right now?

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  1. My bed is heavenly! Ever night I silently give thanks to pillow top beds.
    I have a feather bed on our guest bed and hear from all the guest that they sleep amazingly well in that bed. I guess I'll try it some sleepless night.

  2. I LOVE our bed! We have a cherry sleigh bed, but I'm thinking about painting it white. And the color of pain on our wall is called "Sanctuary" - it's a light gray/blue. I love it.

    The anywhere inflatable mattress looks like a really good way to host company in a small space - you're so thoughtful!

  3. I've had the same bed for 30 years, since I was 2 :). It was an antique four poster rice bed. My husband hates how high it is, so after MONTHS of searching the web. I found a white velvet nail head bed from Amazon Queen size for less than $500. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It took a while to get used to such a low bed, but I do love it.


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