Fab Friday: {funny greeting cards}

Friday, March 26, 2010

Before I get started on this week's Fab Friday, I wanted to give you next week's topic so you can prepare to participate along with me. Are you ready? Next week's topic is... fabulous sunglasses!

So if you don't have one already, take a photo of yourself in your favorite sunglasses. And if there is a pair you are pining over, please share them! I posted my Tom Ford sunglasses last year, but didn't ask anyone to participate. And while I still love those glasses, I have another pair I have been wearing recently. With spring in the air and summer around the corner, I thought this would be a fun topic.

On to this week's Fab Friday!

I love greeting cards {and stationery, note pads, etc...} I recently took a trip to Paper Source, which happens to be one of my favorite stores. Thankfully, there is one in Lincoln Park!

While letterpress cards are my true {paper} love, I also enjoy cute/funny/witty/sassy greeting cards. I would actually love to own my own paper company someday. I have a name for it and everything. I should really get on that. I will devote a post to some of my favorite {pretty} paper soon, but for now, I would like to share a few fab, funny, {and a few inappropriate} greeting cards with you.

These cards are by Seltzer Goods. I love them.

I got the one on the top right for my little sister who will be 18 in a few weeks. I love it.

These cards are by Offensive and Delightful. I find them offensively delightful.

O+D's website has some seriously offensive cards. If you have close friends that would appreciate this kind of humor {I know I do} you will love them.

{this card is by Calypso Cards. You know I had to buy it.}

And last but definitely not least, one of my favorite brands, Uncooked Cards. I highly recommend that you stop by that site and read every. single. card. They are brilliant.

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  1. Love them! I always search for great cards - you have found fabulous ones!!

  2. lmao~really enjoyed this so much ~ There are peeps like me!!!

  3. Holy shit, those made me laugh! Love them!


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