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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A quick reminder to leave a comment in the post below to win a free pre-made blog template. I installed my first pre-made today, and it turned out so well!

I am asking you {my fabulous readers} to give me your feedback. What do you think of my pre-made templates? Are there specific designs you would like to see? Would you order a pre-made template? Just trying to decide if I should make a few more or hold off for a little.

And don't forget...pre-mades are on sale for just $25 through July 7th!

On to other news. My summer stationery has arrived, and through July 7th, you can order your summer design for $15! I may add a few more, but for now I have 6 very cute prints to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy them.

I also added a few other cute prints. For now, I have all designs similar to the ones below labeled as stationery for children, but quite a few adults have ordered these prints. Can anyone think of a better category?

Also, let's play a little game. Can anyone {no cheating} tell me what movie the name below is from? I'll give you a little hint. A man says this name in reference to a potential name for someone. Not the greatest hint I suppose, but I know the movie well enough that I feel like I am handing you the answer.

Anyone know what movie it's from?

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  1. LOVE IT!! You are so talented!

  2. these are just too adorable!!! I may need to order some soon!

  3. The name is from Father of the Bride II. I love that movie!!!!

  4. Hehe, I just watched FOB and FOB2 the other night so this was fresh in my mind. I actually know someone that did the blended name thing after they got married. So weird.

  5. Oops I clicked too soon. The people I knew...their names were Frank and Citrin and they chose to change both their names to Fratrin. Really??

  6. Love the pre-made templates and new stationary! Do you have any three column ones made?

  7. love it all. i'd say some pre-made holiday templates would be good sellers too! halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas...but you probably already thought of that!

  8. Love the stationary! And I think the templates are pretty adorable, too. =)

    Maybe you could help me...I'm trying to rearrange all my gadgets, and put everything about me and the blog on top, but whenever I try to drag them, they won't stay! They move, but they just pop back to where they were. Is it just my laptop mouse, or am I doing something wrong?

  9. I really like the pre-made templates. The only thing I would like to see are some shabby chic styles. I love the simple, clean feel of the ones you have, but a wider variety is always better!!
    There's my two cents for ya!

  10. I think the crab is TOO cute!!

    I have no clue what movie you are referring to :(


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