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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A quick announcement that my Halloween Invites are up! I have been working on revamping the stationery line a bit, so I am hoping to get some new designs up this month!

Also, giveaway month is going on, so don't forget to keep coming back because new prizes will go up each week. I am also offering $10 off all blog design orders placed in August! Now, on to the raffle.

The winner of the NDFH raffle is...

Mrs Bee!

Congrats, and thank you to everyone that donated to the NDFH raffle! We raised $155 for New Day's formula project! I am also working on a care package to send to the foster home, so I thought I'd share those photos with you.

This is what I have for Polly. I am also ordering another toy on Amazon, and would love to include a little dress or blanket.

I was so drawn to sweet Hannah {you can read about her here} so I put together a few things for her. I wish I could sponsor Hannah, too! Does anyone have a little girl that loves littlest pet shop? I was told that those are pretty popular right now. Inside the box she has crayons, markers, lip gloss, another Littlest pet shop toy, stickers, and play dough. I also embellished the box with some rhinestones because all little girls should have something that sparkles :)

Any other ideas for some other small things I could include for Hannah?

I also picked up a few things for all the children. NDFH has a list of needs on their website.

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  1. What great gifts!
    The kids are going to go wild!!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do! I'm going to check out their site/organization!
    Jamie Harris

  3. Awesome!! :) Makes me happy. I'll have to get a package together too.

  4. Love the Halloween Invites. Now I want to throw a Halloween Party! Are you going to make Fall Stationery? I have ideas! :)

    Cute stuff for Polly and Hannah. I think Polly is the cutest name. :)


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