Keep your hair healthy this winter.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The snow has begun to fall and suddenly we have no choice but to get the heating on, we know you’ve been trying to hold out as long as possible but when its blowing a blizzard outside it’s time to cave in.
It’s simply down to that snuggly central heating zapping all the moisture out of our hair and there are a few easy tips to follow to help combat winter hair fatigue.

Keep up your trims – we know it’s cold out there and any moment not spent at work/school/university/the pub you would prefer to spend at home but it IS important to keep up with regular hair trims just to keep your hair in tiptop condition. Uncut split ends are a dead give-away that your hair is looking tired and we admit that we are the first to leave our lengths un-chopped when we are feeling lazy but trust us we always regret it! Get those ends trimmed regularly and you will never suffer the dreaded scarecrow look.

DEEP CONDITION! Oh we can’t stress this enough, it is just second nature to shampoo and condition every day or every other day, whatever you prefer, or even wash your face or shave….! But how many people ACTUALLY deep condition weekly without fail? This is something you should apply all year round. The effect of the winter is just as bad as the effect of summer; heat means you should hydrate.
Another thing - protect! We have swapped our volumizing mousse/straightening serum/sea salt spray for what we believe is the only thing you should be applying to your hair before drying – a heat protection leave in conditioner spray, a spray designed specifically to condition all day long against the elements and our usual daily styling routine. Therefore, if you use straighteners make sure you use heat protection products.

An extra tip: indulge yourself in a little scalp massage when applying your conditioner and get those natural oils flowing!
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