Editing photographs with Paint the Moon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paint the Moon actions just might be my new favorite thing. I spent most of Sunday night editing photos and now feel inspired to edit everything. If only I had the time to sit inside and edit photos all day long! Not only is it fun, but it is an incredibly gratifying experience. 

With a few clicks, a photo can go from this...

To this...
 I used the Essentials & Miracle Makeover bundle and cannot recommend them enough. I think I'm in love.

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  1. I just bought that bundle last week & am having so much fun playing with it! I still have plenty to learn but so far so good. Thanks for introducing me!!!

  2. Thanks for the info - I was looking at that bundle but I also love the coffee house set ... decisions, decisions!

  3. Oh my...I am a VERY new "photographer" and I think I need this....thanks!


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