My first photo shoot.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meet Kim & Brandon. A gorgeous couple with two sweet little dogs. My friend Anne is styling Kim's NY wedding. It is going to be stunning! I met Kim at Anne's birthday dinner and after seeing a photo of my dog, Kim asked if I would take her holiday card photos. I was incredibly honored (and a little nervous) since I have never done this before. I told her that I would love to give it a try.

In typical Danielle fashion, I threw myself in head first. Not only did I shoot Kim & Brandon, but I booked a family photo shoot right after this one. These are some of my favorites from today's photo shoot. I will share the photos from shoot #2 in another post.

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  1. you did a fantastic job:)

  2. these look fantastic!! you should be so happy with them!! AMAZING JOB!


  3. amazing pictures. Congrats on your first of many photo shoots to come!!

  4. Great photos! Cute couple and sweet puppies! yay!

  5. Danielle!! These are amazing and could the couple be any prettier!! You are awesome!!!!

  6. way to go danielle! they look awesome

  7. Danielle!! I am so impressed. Girl, you have so many talents. I so admire your "head first" attitude.

    What an adorable couple with super cute pups!

  8. Ok, it is settled. You must come to Charleston and photograph your boyfriend Cooper. He will pay you in slobbery kisses. Bring the pup and he and JC can get jiggy with it.

    So good Danielle! I LOVE them!

  9. D-you did a fabulous job! You are so talented!

  10. WOW!! you are going for it! and we never did have our little lesson.. lol
    what a gorgeous couple.. such fashionistas.. and the locale.. beautiful colors

  11. These are some gorgous photo's! You did an awesome job!

  12. Thank you all SO much for the sweet comments. It makes me so happy that you all love the photos. I really love how they turned out, and most important -- Kim & Brandon love them!


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