Christmas Traditions.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last year, on December 16th, I was picking some things up at a local pet shop that was holding a dog adoption.

I had no plans to get a dog, but when I saw that cute little pup with a cast on his leg {and on the cast it said "rescue me"} I was done. I'm a sucker for rescues.

This is my dog Buddy, named after Buddy the Elf. He has lots of Christmas cheer.

That brings us to this year. I got home from San Antonio last Monday. My sister picked me up at the airport and we headed right to the Christmas tree lot to get our tree. Look what we found sitting on the front lawn...

So there you have it. Another Christmas pet. Because it's a tradition.

They really seem to find us. In May 2008, we I found a cat sitting under a car. And the day before my birthday {this past September} ended up with Milo {another rescue} when my vet asked if I'd take him. I was told he wasn't very friendly or affectionate, and of course, I was sold.

I'm a sucker for broken rescues.

Milo just needed a little love. He is so, so affectionate.

The two of them together. They're best pals.

We were sure this new kitten was a girl {sometimes it's hard to tell} and settled on Olive. I liked it because it made me think of "Olive, the other Reindeer" -- have you read that book? Turns it should be Oliver as opposed to Olive. My sis loves Oliver and I love Gus. I also love Toulouse. Clearly, I've got a thing for Disney movies. So you tell me. Should we name him Oliver or Gus?

Or -- do you have a really cute Christmas name for him? Or just another name that would suit him?

I recently asked people to share their Christmas traditions. I'd love to hear more of them. Anyone have a Christmas tradition that doesn't involve getting a new pet? ;)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. Personally I like Oliver the best. But you should name him something you like. We just got a kitten and we thought he was going to be a girl so I was ready with Coco (Chanel) or Gigi. He is definitely a boy so it is Silas. I know... not even in the same ballpark as Coco or Gigi. Merry Christmas

  2. Oh I wish I had an animal story. I keep asking myself how can a person who loves animals soooo sooo much not have one? Then I remember it's because we are being responsible, due to the amount of traveling we do it wouldn't be fair. It's so hard to be an adult. :D

  3. Christmas names? Okay:
    Jack (Jack Frost)
    Tim (Tiny TIm)
    Clarence (the Angel from It's A Wonderful Life)
    Jacob (Marley, A Christmas Carol)
    Lou Lou Who (The Grinch)
    Bernard (The Elf, from the Santa Clause) * Personal Favorite!

  4. I'm a sucker too!

    I love Oliver.

  5. I LOVE the santa clause too! :)
    Sorry to tear you up a little more, I know I had a million and a half names to choose from when I got Phoenix!

  6. Oh, I am in LOVE with Buddy! He looks like a mini-me of my l'il rat terrier Tilly! Yay, you, for giving all your Christmas critters such a loving home :-) As for Olive the boy, how about Rudy? As in that other reindeer?

  7. I think he looks like a Gus! Cute!

  8. Love Olive {because I do love Olive the Other Reindeer!}

    Christmas?? well, here's some:
    Donder, Dasher, Rudy, etc. (Santa's reindeer)
    Joe (Joseph)
    Jack (...Frost)
    Barry (berries)

  9. You are so lucky that the cats get along! I took in a stray 4 years ago, and then another one this past September and the first one is NOT happy with the new addition.

  10. We rescued our dog in Dallas last four of July... i like Oliver over Gus(Gus sounds like a big cat name)...but i think he looks like a Buttons it was the first name that came to me when i saw he.

  11. I think it's awesome that you are such an animal person! The world needs more people like you that are willing to take in the pets that need homes :)

    I'm having a pet themed giveaway on my blog that would be perfect for buddy-I hope you enter!

  12. how about octavius and call him gus gus :)


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