Have you seen these commercials?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

While I am not usually a fan of commercials, I definitely have an appreciation for the good ones. And these are fantastic.

I am very curious to see how other companies will advertise feminine products after this. These pretty much make fun of every single tampon commercial to ever exist. I love it.

I love the part about the blue liquid.

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  1. Hehe, those are funny! I also like the part about the blue liquid and the second one is funny too. All those other tampon commercials are like...BUY THIS LOOK AT THE RESULTS! And these make fun of that. Great idea.

  2. I like them too. I saw the "so obnoxious" one the other day, and just thought How True!

  3. I'm so glad that they are finally putting some truth to those old tampon commercials!

    The is also another one where a woman is asking men walking by a drug store if they can go in and buy tampons for her because she doesn't have a bike lock. I don't know if it's a UbyKotex commercial but I love how men reacted to being asked to pick up tampons!

  4. I hadn't seen these, but the first one is funny!

  5. My 18yo went right out and bought a box based soley on these commercials. Now we'll see if she likes the product as much as the commercials!!

  6. Ok 2 things. HAHAHAHAHAHA ok now that doesn't count as one so here is the first.

    I got a small sample of their new product line in the mail. Pantyliner, pad, and tampon. Worked great but not any better/worse than the always brand I was using for pads or the tampax I was using for tampons.

    2nd. you NEED to go look at the U Kotex ads for australia with the beavers...

  7. I laugh every time these commercials come on -- love them. (I agree - I'm very curious to see if any other companies dare try to advertise w/ blue liquid anymore...)

  8. ha! I have seen these - I think they rock.


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