A very tacky tuesday.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jon Gosselin's back. So gross. The chain smoking and Ed Hardy attire weren't enough. He had to go off and do this.


It's like a permanent Ed Hardy shirt etched on his back. Tacky tacky tacky.

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  1. Ick. I'm assuming those are the names of his kids in Chinese. Looks like he might be planning on having more based on the space he left for more names/dates.

  2. Okay and I just read the article... I think he's going to start listing his girlfriends on the other side, starting with the 4/8/10. Ha!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is GROSS! I feel bad for his kids!!

  4. Yeah. Saw this last night. and I practically gagged. He is so dumb. Really... Jon? you think this makes you appear any more mature? (oh...yeah... you gave up being a mature man).

    Absolutely hideous. and, did you read how one of the names is most likely translated to his current girlfriend's name? seriously. that was a smart move. (not!)

  5. Oh, my! This is huge and he'll probably realize it's a huge mistake later-although he doesn't have to look at it. LOL. Not to mention, I'm surprised at what he chose. Given that they were at one time such a strong Christian family, this dragon represents the opposite of that. Dragons are considered and referenced throughtout the bible to be demonic.

    This doesn't surprise me though, he's made many poor choices over the past year and is living his life for the 'world'. So sad.

  6. thanks for ruining my perfectly good tuesday afternoon.

  7. Got rid of one dragon and now gets another?!

  8. i come to your blog for the very first time and see this?? gross~!!! you have turned me away, haha jk!!! i have looked through your other posts and LOVE your blog girl!! i am a new follower! =)

  9. Reminds me of my sisters back....tacky indeed. YUKKKK!!!


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