The last Fab Friday {fab finales} -- a contest.

Friday, May 21, 2010

So, this week's fab Friday was going to be fab hobbies, but with all these finales, I had no choice but to change the final fab Friday to {how fitting} fab finales.

Here's the deal. Every Friday, new releases post to my shop at Scrap Matters. Because I want to share my new kits every Friday, it is just too much to post that & Fab Friday on Friday.

So, we are going to have a little contest. I want to rename & relocate Fab Friday to another day. And it needs a fab name. Nothing generic! Someone suggested Terrific Tues on twitter. I thought of it too, but's just boring. I want something FUN. Nothing cheesy, and the names don't necessarily have to go together. I just want it to work! No wonderful Wednesday, please. :) Give me your best stuff. There is going to be a prize for the winner.

On to this week's fab finales. I am going to post the ones I watched, and tell you why I loved them.

1. Gossip Girl. Yes, I watch {and love} gg. Drama, drama, drama. So much happened. It was really good.

2. Grey's Anatomy. Wow. It was so intense that I had to look up who got shot, just to avoid having an anxiety attack. I don't know that I loved it. It was good TV, but wasn't the Grey's I am used to. I prefer something a bit more fun. It was scary & tragic. Still -- a grand finale, nonetheless.

3. Bros & Sisters. So, so, so, so tragic, but still wonderful. This is {in my opinion} one of the greatest shows on TV. I love it.

I also want to share my favorite finale of all time.

Six Feet Under. It was breathtakingly beautiful. If you did not watch this show, I urge you to go back and watch it. It was initially written as a screenplay and was then adapted for TV. Such a beautiful show. The finale was actually rated the #2 finale of all time by MSN. Cheers came in at #1.

So. What were your favorite finales this week, and what is the best finale you have ever seen? Post on your blog and link up below, or leave a comment.

And don't forget to help me rename {and relocate} Fab Friday!

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  1. I loved Greys. I was a nervous wreck!!

  2. I was a bundle of anxiety all during Greys. And Brother's and Sisters was so sad. Hate Rob Lowe is leaving the show. My favorite all time finale? I only saw it in reruns, but MASH. The Newhart finale was also a really good one too.

  3. I loved Grey's and GG. I can't wait until the new seasons start. I might die waiting!!!

  4. I LOVED the Fringe finale this week. Fantastic twist!

    Greatest of all time? That's hard! I really enjoyed the Gilmore Girls finale, but that show has a special place in my heart. I have a feeling that the Lost finale this Sunday will probably be my favorite though!

  5. yes yes yes. SIX FEET UNDER! Whoa.


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