The day I {met} the President.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Something pretty exciting happened on Wednesday night. I was in downtown Chicago walking to dinner with my mom and all these big black SUVs pulled up outside a restaurant we were passing. Some very secret service-esque people get out and surround the place. My mom told me she thought it was the president, which I thought was a little crazy.

So imagine my surprise when President Obama walked right out of the car. He was just a few feet away from us. I stood there like I complete fool {mouth dropped, no expression} and did not immediately think to take a photo, even though I had my iPhone in my hand. My mom smiled, waved, and says hello. He waved & said hello back.

Then I remembered who I was and snapped a quick pic of part of the back of his head {and his arm, too}.


I saw Shane Botwin from Weeds on my flight, and the President of the United States a few days later while walking downtown. Crazy!

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  1. Wow! That reminds me of the time a couple of months ago my husband and I were down there for an anniversary trip, and we saw this motorcade on the opposite side of the interstate, and my first thoughts were it must be a funeral. They were shutting down the interstate and we just happened to be the few cars they were letting through. It was the BEGINNING of the oil spill. I didn't get to see the president, but I did see the motorcade and was pretty wowed! I can only imagine how you feel!

  2. I love your photo! :D That must've been a pretty amazing moment.

  3. Omg that is so cool! I totally would've done the same thing and forgotten to take a picture! haha At least you got the back of his head! ;) What a crazy experience!

  4. haha awesome. my car broke down *cough, ran out of gas, cough* in the private drive of a hotel where the vice president was staying and was about to arrive so the secret service people were freaking out for a moment until they realized how harmless i seemed. it was quite the funny timing though.

  5. Wow, that is amazing!!! Wonder who you're going to bump into next.

  6. omg, that's sooo cool you just randomly saw him!! yay for getting a head and arm shot!

  7. awesome! love the picture... that's totally something I'd do :)


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